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Sneak Peak of Dim Sum Chinese Fridge Game App

Who’s hungry for some dim sum? Our next Chinese game app is in development and the topic is mouth watering!

Xia Jiao

To give you a little “taste” of what’s to come, check out this prototype art for shrimp dumplings, or 蝦餃 (xia jiao) in Chinese. We hope this next set of vocabulary will help kids learn Chinese characters and words for dim sum, but we can’t guarantee it won’t make them hungry, too!

In addition to shrimp dumplings, the next Chinese Fridge game app will cover these words:

• Spring rolls – 春卷 – chun juan
• Pot stickers – 鍋貼 – guo tie
• Shu mai (not sure what the English is) – 燒賣 – shao mai
• Egg custard tart – 蛋撻 – dan ta
• Steamed BBQ pork bun – 叉燒包 – cha shao bao
• …and one more yet to be determined!

You can compare our shrimp dumplings with the real thing below — bon appetit and happy learning!

Shrimp Dumplings at Dim Sum

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