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Resource: Adobe CS2 Now Officially Free Via Adobe

Important note: We’ve learned that Adobe actually didn’t intend for everyone to download CS2 free of charge, but rather they decommissioned the activation server that checks the software license, but still wanted to give existing customers a way to reinstall their software if needed. Therefore technically this software is only intended for customers who purchased CS2 in the past.

We wanted to give a quick heads up to educators and developers that Adobe has officially made Creative Suite 2 free to download via Adobe’s website.

CS2 is a powerful collection of Adobe computer programs that includes Photoshop and Illustrator, and having them available free of charge can be of huge help for schools and teachers who can’t afford to pay license fees. These programs were important to my personal high school education, as they were used in classes like Newspaper, Yearbook and of course Graphic Design. As you can imagine, the applications for an educational institution are vast in not only direct instruction, but also for preparing learning materials.

For independent developers of apps like Chinese Fridge and websites, these programs are really indispensible in our design process, and having them available free by official mandate from Adobe is a dream come true.

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