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Dim Sum Chinese Game App Officially Released

吃飯! Time to eat! Our latest Chinese game app, Chinese Fridge Dim Sum, has officially been released on the iTunes App Store. As you can probably tell, this Chinese game app aims to teach kids fun dim sum vocabulary words.

As with the original Chinese Fridge app, this version also has game modes to help kids learn pinyin, simplified Chinese characters and traditional Chinese characters. In addition, new dim sum graphics, special blocks and sound effects bring new fun and ‘flavor’ to our game.

Mandarin Chinese vocabulary words covered in this app are:
• Shrimp dumplings – 蝦餃 – xia jiao
• Spring rolls – 春卷 – chun juan
• Pot stickers – 鍋貼 – guo tie
• Shu mai – 燒賣 – shao mai
• Egg custard tart – 蛋撻 – dan ta
• Steamed BBQ pork bun – 叉燒包 – cha shao bao
• Rice porridge (aka congee) – 粥 – zhou

And since dim sum is a Cantonese tradition, stay tuned for the Cantonese ‘Yumcha’ version of this app in the coming weeks!

As always, we’re happy to hear any feedback from users so feel free to leave a comment or send us a note.

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