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Counting in Chinese for Kids Made Easy

We’ve noticed a lot of parents looking for ways to teach counting in Chinese for kids. Luckily, there are a lot of great resources to explain counting in Chinese for kids, which includes a wide range of free videos. Check these out:

This video not only teaches how to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese, it also includes a common Childrens’ song that helps practice the numbers 1 through 7, as well as a few other words. Includes Chinese characters, pinyin, and English translation.

Here’s a great video that includes the number zero, and even counting beyond 1 to 10. Includes Chinese characters along with pinyin and numbers themselves.

And actually, that’s pretty much all you need to help teach your child basic counting in Chinese. After watching these and other videos about counting in Chinese, you may be wondering what the Chinese hand signs for numbers are all about — actually they’re very useful, but you should know that there are several variations. Therefore, one person may teach you one set, and another person may teach another slightly different set, and actually both people can be right! Don’t be discouraged if someone tells you your hand sign is wrong — you may have simply learned a different method. In fact, even the Wikipedia entry for Chinese number gestures only includes one set of pictures, and doesn’t even describe all of the different styles. Many people indicate this is regional, but in a country like the United States or United Kingdom, this can all get mixed up anyway.

Here are the numbers 1 through 10 listed in Chinese for your reference, too — the Chinese characters for numbers shown here are the same for simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese:

1 … 一  

2 … 二

3 … 三 

4 … 四 

5 … 五 

6 … 六

7 … 七

8 … 八

9 … 九

10 … 十

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