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Chinese School: A List of Chinese Immersion Schools Across the Country

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If you’re looking for a Chinese school for your student to attend, you may want to check out an invaluable list of Chinese immersion schools we discovered recently. In fact, your search for a Chinese school may be over when you see the this list of Chinese immersion schools, published online by the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council on May 21, 2013, but last updated August 7, 2012.

The Excel file lists schools from across the entire United States, and even some international schools. It includes listings from all kinds of states, including California, Utah, Minnesota, Maryland, New York and many more (interesting fact: Utah has the second most number of Chinese immersion schools). It can also be searched by cities, such as San Francisco, New York, Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more.

In addition to cities an states, here’s the full list of sortable columns of information you can make use of in the spreadsheet:
• School Name
• School District
• Address
• City
• State or Province
• Postal Code
• Public vs Private vs Chart
• Phone Number
• Grades Offered
• Start Date (Year founded — this can give you an idea of how established/experienced the school or program is)
• Percentage of Curriculum in Mandarin
• Whole School vs Just a Strand of the School
• Simplified or Traditional
• One-Way or Two-Way Immersion (not sure what this means — perhaps teacher-student dialogue?)
• Website
• Other Links and Info
• Notes
• Part of the Flagship – Chinese Acquisition Pipeline consortium?

Again, great work from MIPC for putting together this list of Chinese immersion schools for kids, which is sure to be a huge help for parents trying to find a Chinese school for their kids.

If you’re unable to open the Excel document, feel free to post a comment or message us directly and we can send you an alternate version or simply post the information here on our blog.

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  • Nathan Yeung - December 29, 2013 reply

    Hi Chinese Fridge, This is a really interesting article! I really enjoyed reading it. There is a Chinese Immersion Schools website that allows you to search all the Mandarin immersion schools in the USA.

  • Chinese Fridge - January 23, 2014 reply

    Looks awesome Nathan, thanks for letting us know!

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