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Chinese School for Kids: Twitter’s Take

For a lot of overseas Chinese kids, Chinese school can be a real source of complaints. So many kids don’t want to spend their precious weekend hours learning Chinese. At the same time, however, many kids come to realize how grateful they are for these classes — especially as they grow older. It becomes almost a bonding experience for kids who went and experienced it.

We were curious to see what students were saying about Chinese School and Chinese Classes on Twitter, so we took to the Twitterverse to find out. We hope that our Chinese game app can help these kids alleviate some of their reluctance to study Chinese, but until then, here are some of the highlights we found on Twitter (with a little commentary of our own):

See! Chinese school for kids DOES pay off!

Not-learning-Chinese remorse. That’s the industry term for this, we believe.

Haha this is just funny.

This is also pretty funny. Durian is a pretty smelly fruit found in Asia.

Disclaimer: Learning Chinese will not improve your kid’s math skills.

More remorse for not learning Chinese as a kid!

Sounds pretty important! Better stay in school!

Yep, more regrets. As kids we hate extra schooling, but studying it as a little kid is a lot easier than trying to learn it later!

Alright this one was also pretty funny, had to include it.

And that concludes our Chinese School for kids Twitter roundup for January! Tweet at us @lilstarschinese about Chinese School and you might get featured in our next post!

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