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Chinese New Year 2013 Twitter Roundup

Chinese New Year 2013 is under way, starting earlier today in America. We took to Twitter to find the most interesting, funniest, coolest Tweets to share with our friends. Check them out along with our commentary below!

Great photo from Hong Kong celebrating Chinese New Year with fireworks!

Beautiful photo from Austin, Texas from a Chinese New Year parade.

Haha, yes, for some people getting red envelopes is the best part of Chinese New Year. But when you’re older, you may end up giving more of them than you get!

Even Katie Couric got into the spirit of Chinese New Year! Awesome!

Haha, yes. Lion Dance dog costume. Awesome.

This is kind of a cool, modern sketch in the likeness of Pokemon.

Mmm, Chinese New Year food is an important part of this holiday!

Beautiful photo from Vancouver.

Wow, this looks delicious! I’ll take 99!

Haha, that’s true. Everyone born this year is a baby (as is everyone when they are born — except maybe Benjamin Button). Check out Wikipedia if you want to know more about the Chinese Zodiac snake.

Cool photo of a Lion Dance costume from Skype.

…say whaaat?? Celine Dion singing in Mandarin?

Of course Angry Birds has to celebrate Chinese New Year!

And that’s all for today! Let us know if you see any cool Tweets for Chinese New Year, or shoot us a Tweet @lilstarschinese.

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