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Part of the reason we developed our Chinese Fridge game app for kids was because we couldn’t find many suitable, fun games for children that could effectively teach kids Chinese.

However, even though the resources are limited, we did find one guy who has some great game concepts on his website, which he built to provide Chinese lessons for his

It looks like he built the website several years ago, because the design and game play appear to be quite dated, but even so, we’re very impressed and by his dedication and passion for Chinese to build these games.

Please note that your kids are intended to study the vocabulary on his website before playing the games, otherwise they may not know the words. Also, these games can only be played on Internet Explorer and FireFox. Check out some of his games:

Falling Egg (animals, food, colors, and body review)
Here’s a fun game where you child is presented with an audible word and presented three images, and they must match the correct image to the word that was said. Meanwhile an egg is falling — answer quickly and it hatches a bird that flies off to freedom, but don’t answer in time, and the egg breaks on the ground. We love this concept and game design, and think it’s really great for kids. The only drawback is the images are very generic and look old, as do the graphics.

Growing Flowers (a game about mine, yours, and hers)
This game is an awesome concept, whereby kids need to identify vocabulary words and assign them to a certain person, teaching them new Chinese words for both objects like food and animals, and also words to refer to people like hers, mine, and yours. Correct answers make the person’s flowers grow higher and higher as a reward for successful learning. However, we found this game was more difficult to play due to the Game mechanics. Sometimes it’s unclear when a piece is selected or not, but once you get the hang of it, it’s great!

Rocket Flight (animals, food, and colors review)
Here’s another cool game concept that works kind of like reverse hangman — the more Chinese words your kid identifies, the further the rocket ship advances to the planet (moon?), eventually culminating in the space man stepping out onto the planet’s surface. This game only gives kids two possible answers per audible Chinese word, so it may be an easier level to start with.

Rocket Launch (characters and numbers review)
Rocket Launch is a game similar to Rocket Flight, where the space man progresses to the space shuttle to take off. However, this game is different in that it tests kids on some basic Chinese characters. The vast majority of these characters are suitable for kids learning both simplified and traditional Chinese, but some words are in traditional characters. For example, the word for chicken is written as 雞. For more information about traditional and simplified Chinese characters, check out our post about the types of Chinese for kids to learn.

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    ni zhi si lai pu ke yi kuai tian lai te me ru guo ni pu ke yi

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