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Chinese Fridge iPad Game App Open for Beta Testing

We’re happy to announce the Chinese Fridge iPad app is now available for beta testing!

Everyone in the general public is welcome to contact us to request an app store promo code that will allow them to download the beta version of the app for free. Promo codes are limited, however, so please apply as early as possible for the best chance of getting one for beta testing — we can’t guarantee everyone will get one.

We hope all our beta testers will give us feedback to help us improve the game before launch, and are particularly focused on testing with kids to get feedback from the game’s intended audience, so if you plan to have your child play Chinese Fridge or other Chinese games for kids, we strongly encourage you to apply to be a beta tester.

Finally, for the rest of the public who does not have an iPad, we’re also close to releasing the beta test for our Android app. This app is virtually the same as the iPad version, but geared towards Android tablets and the Android marketplace. Stay tuned to our blog for future posts that will explain how to become a beta tester for the Android app version of Chinese Fridge.

Happy beta testing!


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  • diana howard - February 2, 2014 reply

    I want to beta test this app ,kindly provide the promo code for testing,

    Chinese Fridge - February 2, 2014 reply

    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for the note! The app is already in the app store free to play:

    Let us know if you have any trouble downloading it.

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