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Cantonese Learning Game App Now Available

Similar to our Mandarin dim sum game app, this Cantonese version helps pronounce Cantonese phonetics and Chinese characters, with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. We enlisted the help of a native Cantonese speaker from Hong Kong to help with the audio, so kids can learn Cantonese pronunciation by hearing it repeated as game pieces are highlighted.

There’s no doubt that Mandarin is currently the most popular Chinese language on the world stage, but it’s important to recognize and celebrate the diverse collection of languages that have long existed in Chinese culture.

Whether Cantonese, Taiwanese, Shanghainese, or any of the other many languages, it’s important not to forget the rich history of these languages. In addition, you’ll find that not everyone in China speaks Mandarin as their first language. Mandarin is of course the dominant language in many culturally Chinese regions and countries, but many people speak a different language at home with their family or out in public in daily life.

In the context of America, there are a number of families that immigrated before Mandarin became as dominant as it now is, and many prefer to speak their own regional language instead.

With this cultural backdrop in mind, we’re happy to help celebrate the diversity within Chinese culture by releasing our Cantonese Dim Sum app!

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