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Chinese Fridge App preview

A Chinese Game for Kids

Chinese Fridge is a Chinese game for kids that makes learning fun and painless! Our innovative app teaches kids through visual and audible interactions – perfect for new words and reinforcing past Chinese lessons for kids. Say goodbye to boring drills and flashcards and download the free app now! Includes simplified and traditional Chinese characters, as well as pinyin.

Designed for Kids

Chinese Fridge is designed to capture the imagination of kids, making learning fun and engaging

  • Fun Gameplay

    Exciting gameplay makes learning effortless so kids stay interested and motivated to learn

  • Cute Graphics

    Our high-quality design makes our apps far more visually interesting for kids than most other learning apps

  • Rich Audio

    Native Chinese speakers provide audio reinforcement so kids learn proper pronounciation via repetition

  • Track Learning

    See which vocabulary words have been studied, and how thoroughly they've been learned

Vocabulary Used in Class

Choose word sets that reflect the classroom

Chinese Fridge – The Original

Chinese Fridge – The Original

Our first lesson starts with animals, which are some of the most basic but most interesting vocabulary words for kids.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum

Learn Dim Sum words – a must-have Chinese lesson for kids who like going to eat dim sum!

American Food (Coming Soon)

American Food (Coming Soon)

Another common set of vocabulary words seen in textbooks, our American Food app covers items students see in daily life!

See How it Works

Watch a video review of our original app

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